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Chiren® Biophoton Therapy

Treatments with the Chiren®) offer the most technologically advanced form of biophoton therapy available today.  Cellular function is facilitated by biophotons within, and around the human body.  Our acupuncture meridians are the biophoton "highways".  Toxins, environmental pollutants, bacteria and medications can disrupt the biophoton signals and diminish the proper function of our cells and organs.  This can affect our ability to ward off illness, lower energy levels, or even cause premature aging.  Using feedback and the body's own biophotons, the Chiren(tm) can correct the incoherent signals and rebalance the body's meridian lines, so that the body can heal itself.

First the meridian points on the fingers and toes are evaluated for energetic levels
The rods deliver light through the body and using biofeedback, the Chiren® helps to correct and balance the meridian lines of the body.

The Chiren® Instrument
The Chiren® Instrument
$225 for session #1 (2 hours)
$185 for sessions #2 and beyond (1.5 hours)

Note: the number of sessions recommended is highly individualized and depends on many factors, including age, health issues and sensitivity to treatments. Please call (203)952-6113 for a consultation.

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